5 Tips for Choosing Motels in Maroochydore

5 Tips for Choosing Motels in Maroochydore

Planning for a trip to Maroochydore this holiday season? Before you dive straight into the suburb’s golden seas and roam around barefoot on its famed streets, it’s important to decide which motel you’ll stay at first. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up in the wrong place as you settle in for a good night’s sleep, right?

To help you find the right Maroochydore motel, we’ve compiled some tips from the experts to ensure your stay is a memorable one.

Whether you’re with family, friends, or your significant other, these guidelines will help you achieve at your idyllic summer paradise:


1. Look for a Suitable Location


The first thing you must consider when choosing a motel is the location. Since Maroochydore is part of the Sunshine Coast, you’ll want to choose an accommodation that is located close to some of Queensland’s most famous beaches. This way, you can sleep and wake up with an islander ambiance that is sure to boost your mood and awaken your adventurous desire. Plus, there’ll be no need to worry about time spent on the beach since your inn is only a few steps away! Isn’t that perfect?


2. Ensure Security


As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Visiting a foreign place calls for a few security measures and that includes sussing out the kind of motel you’ll be staying at. From gates and nearby structures, to personnel, security systems and other necessary features, it is important to check whether the motel you’ve chosen presents seemingly confident and reliable security options.


3.Check the Available Amenities


Who says you need to settle for a simple, boring hotel? Make your holiday extra special by checking into a motel that offers world-class features. Before you decide on a room, don’t forget to check the facilities available. Whether you’re after a gym, restaurant, pool, spa treatment, bar, gardens or other impressive amenities, these are a great way to determine whether the motel you’ll be staying at is the best one for you.

4.Ask if You Can See the Room First


One mistake many customers tend to make is forgetting to double check their room before checking in to a motel. Although some accommodations show pictures to preview the interior of the available rooms, it is still better to go and see the room for yourself. That way you can complete a fair assessment of whether the room you’ll be staying in will give you the kind of comfort and luxury you’re looking for.

5. Conduct Research


Of course, you need to maximise the available resources at your fingertips. Research online and look for reviews and recommendations to find the best motel available. Not only does this save you the cost of having to hop from one place to another, but it also saves you the stress of having to beat the traffic and roam around trying to find a motel.

Have you found the right Maroochydore motel for your long-awaited beach holiday yet? Follow this set of rules and expect to experience the best accommodation you’ll ever get.


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