4 Nifty Tips for Choosing a Motel on the Sunshine Coast

4 Nifty Tips for Choosing a Motel on the Sunshine Coast

Choosing a motel on the Sunshine Coast is always a challenging task. The numerous promotions available on the Internet, as well as the sheer number of choices you are presented with, make selecting a motel an overwhelming activity. The beautiful photographs on a hotel’s website and the hype surrounding it, will have you second guessing your choices up until your arrival.

So how can you really tell if your motel will live up to its reputation? Read on to learn tips that will help you choose the best motels on the Sunshine Coast today.

Look at the General Property Condition

Upon arriving, the first thing you should do is take a look at the general property condition. Make sure the exterior has no breakage in its foundation and check to see if there is rubbish lying around. Likewise, take the time to inspect just how well the building is maintained. While the exterior may present a grand façade, the lobby and hallways might tell another story.

Inspect the Room

Before checking in at the front desk, you can always take the time to inspect the room you would like to stay in. Inspecting your room prior to check-in allows you to take note of the cleanliness and the overall state of the room.

While you are inside the room, take the time to thoroughly scrutinise the various aspects. For one, examine the linens, sheets, and even the carpets found in your bathroom. Is the bed comfortable? Are there stains? Are there dust particles? Is the air smoky? If you find that the condition of these features is not up to your standards, you can always request another room, or you can always choose another place.

Check the Host of Amenities

After inspecting the room, ensure that the amenities being offered by your accommodation live up to its promises. Aside from looking at the bed and your bathroom, you should also check the air conditioning, WiFi services, and other on-site facilities. If you require a washer and dryer facility, check that it works well so that you can do your laundry any time you wish.

Avoid Traffic

Whether you are on a vacation or travelling for business purposes, you’ll know that time is of the essence. Because of this, your best bet is to choose a motel on the Sunshine Coast that’s close to the airport. Aside from allowing you to avoid congestion in the city, this also allows you to get the peace of mind you deserve knowing you won’t miss your flight.

Besides considering the varying road conditions, you should also check your accommodation for the type of parking they have on site. If you find that it is always full, you might have a difficult time parking your hire car later on.

Take note of these tips and you will have an easier time choosing a motel on the Sunshine Coast that fulfil all of your requirements. By finding out what your accommodation offers and understanding what you are looking for in a place, you can finally pick a motel that caters to your needs.


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